Forum Educates Seniors on Fraud

Senior Fraud Seminar

Seniors are an easy target for fraud and the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Department wants to make sure our elderly do not become victims.

A fraud forum was held at the Austintown Senior Center Thursday to educate seniors on the different ways criminals try to get to their money. Many of the cons are through the internet or by phone asking seniors to send money for a prize or because they owe a fee for something.

“If you don’t initiate the call and know who you are talking to then it’s like that, it’s a scam.” said Kay Lavelle, Senior Services Coordinator with the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office. “If anyone asks you to pay any money for any reason for something that you didn’t order or something that you didn’t enter or for any reason don’t.”

Lavelle said seniors are easy targets because they are trusting and not as computer literate. She said the Sheriff’s department offers free resources to seniors to help them protect their privacy, manage money and debt, avoid identity theft, and avoid frauds.

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