Group Rallies for Gun Violence Awareness

Gun Rally

A group gathered on Thursday to raise awareness about ending gun violence in this country.

Members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns held a silent rally in downtown Sharon. They met in response to the “No Gun Laws” rally held nearby this past weekend.

Organizers said pending legislation is not drastic, and will still afford opportunities for gun enthusiasts.

They want to spread the word about responsible gun ownership.

“I’m a gun owner and I have no worries about the government taking my gun away, although there is that fear. This is about sensible gun ownership and background checks is what this is about today,” said Diane Syphrit, who was participating in the rally. “We’re just trying to raise that awareness, I don’t think people realize how many people are killed with guns.”

Since the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December, more than 3,000 people nationally have been killed by gun violence.

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