Dr. King Memorial Held in Courthouse Rotunda

Martin Luther King Service
MLK Memorial service held in the Mahoning County courthouse. April 2013

It was 45 years ago when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on the balcony of a hotel in Tennessee.

On Thursday, the Baptist Pastor’s Council hosted a memorial service inside the rotunda of the Mahoning County Courthouse.

The gathering was held not only to mourn King’s passing but also to celebrate his legacy.

“Status of the dream of what Dr. Martin Luther King would look at today. The issues we face today aren’t the issues of yesteryear,” said program chairman Rev. Lewis Macklin. “So, we evolved as the issues would have emerged. This is an opportunity for his dream to expounded upon.”

Members of Youngstown’s Sojourn to the Past spent Thursday at the site where Dr. King was killed.

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