Steel Museum Features Hubbard Furnace Exhibit

Hubbard Furnace Exhibit
The Youngstown Steel Museum features the Hubbard furnace in exhibit.

Two iron producing blast furnaces that once operated in Hubbard have been brought back to life in pictures.

An exhibit called “Iron Valley: A Century of Change at Hubbard Furnace” opened Thursday at the Youngstown Steel Museum.

The 32 photos were collected by Hubbard High graduate and YSU student Clayton Ruminski.

“When I was younger, I used to go back and explore the ruins,” said Hubbard furnace researcher Clayton Ruminski. “Nothing’s been built on it. It was torn down in 1967, and I decided to actually explore what was back there at one point, and I found out it was there for 100 years.”

Ruminski has collected pictures from many historical society collections.

The exhibit runs through early summer.

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