Mock Trial Shows Students Dangers of Drug Abuse

Mock Trial
Mock Trial

Students and faculty at Kennedy Catholic High School in Mercer County learned real world consequences of substance abuse.

A courtroom was set up Friday  in the school’s gym with Mercer County Judge St. John presiding over the mock trial.

A substance abuse coalition set up the trial with students as the jury to show the problems that can occur as a result of illegal activity,  including substance abuse.

The mission of the coalition was to unite educators with medical and legal professionals to discuss the severity of substance abuse.

“We will show them how easy it is to be convicted of possession, conspiracy to possession with intent to deliver, and we will show them how easy it is physiologically to become hopelessly addicted with one mistake,” said Angelo Papa with the Substance Abuse Coalition Summits, Inc.

Students deliberated and delivered the verdict in the mock trial.  The losing attorney donated $250 to Kennedy Catholic.

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