Cincinnati needs more funds for streetcar project

CINCINNATI (AP) — Cincinnati’s city manager has told city council members more funding will be needed for a multi-million-dollar streetcar project that could cost even more if construction doesn’t start soon.

City Manager Milton Dohoney told city council members in a memo Tuesday updating them on the project that the budget gap for the project was more than $22 million after higher-than-expected construction bids. He says re-engineering will trim $5.3 million from that, and the city is working with federal authorities to identify more funding options.

Dohoney’s spokeswoman says the city manager hasn’t requested any more funding yet.

Dohoney says if construction doesn’t start soon, the project might have to be re-bid, increasing costs. Failing to meet schedule milestones also could jeopardize federal grants.

The project’s estimated price tag is already $133 million.

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