Firefighters Stay on Top of Training

Emergency Training
Emergency Training

First responders in Texas are sifting through the rubble of  last night’s deadly  fertilizer plant explosion and fire. The death toll is estimated between five and 15, with 160 more injured.

First responders from around the region were called in to help with evacuations. Negley Fire Chief Gary Banicki said firefighters have to stay on top of training to tackle situations like the one in Texas. He said his crew trains once a month for various emergency scenarios.

“We have a couple of chemical manufacturing places in our jurisdiction we try and tour at least twice a year, know where their chemicals are at,” said Banicki. “We keep their pre-plan on our engine at all time, have a map of the facility and locations of their chemicals, and they’re pretty good about keeping us informed.”

Banicki said search training  is next on the schedule. The  State Fire Marshal is bringing its search and rescue trailer to the station.

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