Ohio House OKs budget amid heat over its changes

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The Ohio House has passed a state budget that rewrites Gov. John Kasich’s (KAY’-siks) proposals for overhauling the state tax code and eliminates his plan to expand Medicaid health coverage to thousands more low-income residents.

The GOP-dominated House approved the $61.5 billion, two-year budget on 61-35 vote Thursday. The budget now goes to the Senate, where more changes and hearings are expected.

The budget bill contains a 7 percent permanent income-tax reduction. It excludes the Republican governor’s proposed tax hike on oil and gas drillers and his small-business tax cut.

The House budget also would send Planned Parenthood to the back of the line for public family planning dollars. And it would increase money for nursing homes and create a $16 million job training program for the economically disadvantaged.

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