Woman Says Lordstown Well Is Noisy and Smells

Drilling Noise Complaint

A woman from Weathersfield Township took her complaints about drilling activity at a well near her home to Trumbull County Commissioners on Wednesday.

Pat McCrudden said bright lights, constant noise and the smell of diesel from the nearby Kibler well on Brunstetter Road S.W. in Lordstown is keeping her and her neighbors up at night.

“It’s a continuous sound, but they have periods where it’s really going strong,” McCrudden said. “You can’t sleep. You try to sleep, and you can feel the vibration on your bed because I am so near to it. I am the nearest person to it.”

McCrudden wants commissioners to contact the EPA and evaluate the well and measure the decibel level of the noise.

Vince Bevacqua, spokesperson for Halcon, said diesel fuel is the standard used for fracking machinery.  It’s a temporary situation until the drilling is completed, which usually lasts about two weeks.

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