Victim Speaks About Attempt on Her Life

Karen Ho

A woman who was almost murdered by strangulation when she was 17-years-old shared her story Wednesday at the Help Hotline’s annual luncheon honoring victims of crime.

When Karen Ho was a teenager she was kidnapped by a stranger, raped twice and strangled. She now works in the office of victims services for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. She doesn’t do a lot of public speaking, but decided to share her story in hopes of raising awareness.

“I think knowing that I can make a difference, especially in the emerging area of understanding strangulation a little bit better. I feel that as a survivor I have something to offer in the way of understanding, short term as well as long term, the impact of this crime,” said Ho. “It’s so important that law enforcement, victim advocates and even survivors understand what they’re feeling.”

Ho said the National Strangulation Training Institute , which started in 2011, is also shedding light and informing people about strangulation.

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