Workers Picket Turning Point Counseling

Turning Point Picket

Workers at Turning Point Counseling Services spent their lunch break picketing in front of the office Wednesday in an effort to get the agency to seek more funding opportunities.

About a dozen employees took part in the informational picket to draw attention to the lack of diversity in funding coming into the mental health agency.

Workers claim Turning Point relies only on the Mental Health Board for funding and does not seek grants or any additional funding sources that could make the agency more viable.

“The members here are just really concerned about making sure that there are quality services available for those who are in need of mental health services,” said SEIU spokesperson Anthony Caldwell. “That’s why they’re out here today, is not just fighting for themselves and their families but fighting for the families of the Mahoning Valley.”

Workers are scheduled to meet with Turning Point Friday and Monday to continue negotiations.

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