Traficant Addresses Brookfield Group

Jim Traficant

Jim Traficant was in Brookfield Friday talking to a group of seniors at the township fire hall.

During his presentation, Traficant focused on current events and brought up the 2002 federal trial in which he was convicted of several crimes including taking bribes and racketeering.

Traficant said during the case, there was testimony that the FBI did not have recordings of him.  Now, he has information that he may have been secretly recorded.

“If there is any justice, that trial and conviction can be overturned, and I could sue their ass,” said Traficant. “I’ve about had it with these lying bastards. So, it’s probably the first ray in the chink of honor of these big, powerful people who may have made a mistake with the wrong guy.”

This was the second time Traficant addressed the Brookfield group.

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