YPD Officers Train in Social Awareness

YPD Training

Officers with the Youngstown police department continued in-service training Thursday focused on understanding people who live in generational property.

The training program is being led by Community Initiative to Reduce Violence.

Youngstown Police Chief Rod Foley organized the training to make sure officers are aware of the people they are serving on a daily basis and have the tools they need to perform their duties quickly and respectfully.

CIRV coordinator Guy Burney said officers will walk away having a better understanding of how to serve the Youngstown community.

“The police department is taking a proactive role in making sure their services are right for the community,” said Burney. “They are protecting and serving the community. A lot of people think it’s about arrests, but it’s not. It’s about serving the people in the community.”

Youngstown officers attend training sessions four times every year.

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