New Life Given to Historic Area

Campbell Renovation

Several volunteer groups joined together Saturday, rolled up their sleeves and got to work renovating a part of the Youngstown area’s historic district.

The group began removing clay roof tiles from the old Sheet and Tube company homes in Campbell. The tiles, weighing over six pounds apiece, will be replace with new tile to retain the historic value of the homes.

Tim Sokolo with Iron Soup Historical Preservation Company said the homes, built in 1918, were the first modern apartment complexes in the country with electricity, gas, and running water for the steel workers.

“This is the same acreage of the Colosseum in Rome. And because it is solid concrete, it is the same material, so it has great longevity,” said Sokolo. “To demolish this instead of making a profitable historic district is just ridiculous.”

There are about 170 apartments still standing.

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