Students Put Their Math Skills to the Test


Trumbull County students put their math skills to the test at this year’s Equations competition.

Equations is a comprehensive mathematics game, that combines problem-solving interaction with bluffing and strategy.

172 students in grades five through eight crowded around tables at Garden Brook Banquet Center in Cortland.

Each public school district in Trumbull County sends teams of three to five students to the competition.

The students individual scores are totalled up to determine the overall team score.

“So many times we just do drill and kill in math, and this is a time where they can actually use what they’ve learned to put it to good use, and it seems to clarify a lot of the questions that they have in math, and they do very, very well when they go into algebra,” said Michele Krisher, supervisor of Gifted and Talented Services. “What they’re doing is they’re creating and solving mathematical equations, higher level thinking skills, as well as a lot of algebraic kinds of things that they’re employing in the game.”

Trumbull County Educational Service Center has sponsored the Equations competition for more than 20 years.


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