Local Crews Instrumental in ODOT Award

ODOT Award

The Ohio Department of Transportation was recognized for its excellent in snow and ice control this past winter and a lot of the credit goes to local crews.

The American Public Works Association presented the award Wednesday to workers at the Mahoning County garage in Canfield.

Technology and best practices used in District Four were factors in the state getting the prestigious award.

Highway technician Michael Valko said the crews were just doing their job like they do every year.

“It was something that we weren’t even aware of so that’s making it a little better,” said Valko. “Doing something that you do every day and every year since we’ve been doing it and all of a sudden you find out you won an award, without even trying for it, so that’s a good complement  to all the employees, managers and mechanics, everybody involved.”

The award also recognizes agencies for minimizing environmental impacts while removing snow and ice from roadways.

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