Trumbull County Leads State in Black Bear Sightings

Trumbull County
Trumbull County

Trumbull County had the highest number of confirmed black bear sightings in 2012, according to Ohio Department of Natural Resources statistics.

Trumbull County had 10 confirmed black bear sightings last year, the highest of any county in the state. Portage County had the next highest confirmed sightings with six. There were 65 confirmed sightings in the state last year, ODNR reported.

ODNR said there were 224 total sightings throughout the state from 93 estimated black bears, an increase of 154 sightings in 2011.

There were 60 confirmed sightings statewide in 2011. ODNR said there were 39 nuisance reports statewide, which includes destructive behavior such as damage to bird feeders, beehives and garbage containers.

Black bears, which are native of native to the state, are on Ohio’s endangered species list. ODNR said black bears are usually fearful of people and don’t usually attack people unless cornered.

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