Police Targeting Impaired Drivers

woman arrested after underage alcohol party

According to AAA, 30 million Americans will travel this Memorial Day weekend and 89 percent will hit the roadways.

The Ohio State Patrol is reminding drivers not to get behind the wheel impaired.

Last year, seven of the 13 people killed on Ohio roadways over the Memorial Day weekend involved in alcohol related accidents.

“Get a designated driver if you’re going to be at a picnic and drinking alcohol,” said Sgt. Craig Monte, Ohio State Patrol.

The national Click It or Ticket safety belt enforcement effort is also taking place now through June 9th.

For those planning to hit the roadways, AAA has offered some safety tips for motorists:

  • Make sure your tire pressure is correct. This can improve fuel efficiency and safety
  • Plan your route. Getting lost can waste time and gas
  • Save gas by keeping windows up and AC on when travelling over 40 mph.
  • And if you can, take your vehicle in for any overdue service which can trouble shoot larger problems.


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