State OKs Attendance Data Fixes

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Ohio schools that reportedly had errors in certain enrollment data, including Campbell City Schools, have gotten state approval of plans to fix the issues.

The state auditor had flagged the errors in a February report. He was looking into a practice whereby schools attempted to improve performance ratings by altering attendance data.

One of the schools named in the report was Campbell, which was accused of withdrawing students, in some cases retroactively, for various reasons like truancy and home schooling, without filling out the proper paperwork.

The 49 schools and districts were said to have sporadic exceptions to enrollment reporting requirements in their 2010-11 school year enrollment data. Those errors included a lack of documentation, missing student files and incorrect information submitted to the state.

Ohio’s Department of Education on Friday said officials have approved corrective action plans for the schools.

The plans were to describe the enrollment errors, the reasons for the incorrect records, and any steps the school would take to ensure accuracy in the future.

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