Ohio police try to keep up with bath salt changes

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Authorities trying to crack down on bath salts abusers have to keep up with changes in compounds for the dangerous drugs.

A 2011 state law made many bath-salts compounds illegal, and their use declined in Ohio. However, authorities tell The Columbus Dispatch (http://bit.ly/Z86KMQ ) that chemists are concocting bath salts with different compounds to try to bypass the law.

Bath salts are a combination of chemicals that can produce an effective similar to cocaine or amphetamines. They affect the brain and heart.

Franklin County’s coroner says she has linked three deaths in the past 12 months to bath salts by testing compounds to bodies in the morgue. She says it’s a cat-and-mouse game with chemists who are trying to use compounds that can’t be detected or aren’t illegal yet.

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