Lisbon Council Nixes Civil War Statue

Lisbon Statue
Lisbon Village Council on Tuesday rescinded its decision to allow a statue of Clement Vallandigham to be erected in the middle of town.

Lisbon Village Council decided Tuesday not to allow a controversial statue to be built in the town square.

Council rescinded its previous decision by a vote of 4 to 1. Last month, they gave permission to the Lisbon Landmark Foundation to put a bronze statue of Lisbon native Clement Vallandigham next to the Civil War cannon in the middle of town. He was born in what was then New Lisbon in 1820.

During a public hearing last week, some residents took issue with Vallandigham’s past and politics. In 1863, he was arrested, imprisoned and later banished to the Confederacy for derogatory comments he made in a speech about President Abraham Lincoln, calling the Civil War a “wicked, cruel unnecessary war…a war for the freedom of blacks, and the enslavement of whites.”

A spokesperson for the Landmark Foundation said they’ll continue with the project, but plan to put the statue on private property.

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