Woman Smuggles Drugs into Mercer Jail

Ashleyy Mazzo
Ashley Mazzo is accused of smuggling drugs into the Mercer Couny Jail by concealing them in her vagina.

Authorities at the Mercer County Jail said a female inmate got half her cell block high after she smuggled drugs into the jail in an unconventional way.

Ashley Mazzo, 24, of Jackson Township, was being held on a probation violation and theft charges when another inmate alerted jail officials that she was selling Subutex pills, a drug used to treat opioid dependency, to other inmates in exchange for commissary items.

Officials said Mazzo was able to bring the drugs into the jail by concealing the Subutex pills in a plastic bag inside her vagina.

She has since been moved to the Lawrence County Jail and will be arraigned on the drug charges next month.

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