Ash Borer Bug Found in Mahoning County

Ash Tree

The infamous Emerald Ash Borer bug is now destroying ash trees in the Poland area.

The beetle was discovered in Columbiana and Gurensey counties in April. The bug comes from Asia and spread to ash trees across North America during the past decade.

It can kill a tree within one to three years. An area saw mill owner said the ash tree is a valuable resource. But once a tree is infested with the bug, the best thing to do is cut the tree down before it dies.

In April, Ohio was put under a federal quarantine that makes it illegal for people to move ash trees and hardwood fire out of the state because of the bug.

“If you have standing timber where you can have a saw mill come in and look at it to take the ash out before they do die while the trees still have value,” said Biard Brothers Saw Mill Manager Terry Baird.


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