Key Pa. senator still deciding beer, liquor bill

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Senators have a lot to consider after the third and final Senate committee hearing on liberalizing beer, wine and liquor sales.

Tuesday’s hearing was a prelude to a busy June as Gov. Tom Corbett presses lawmakers to pass legislation before July 1. But a bill that passed the House has little Senate support, and the committee chairman, Sen. Charles McIlhinney, says he’s wrestling with several issues as he finishes writing his bill.

Those issues include how much the Pennsylvania treasury will suffer from privatizing state-controlled wine and liquor sales, how to keep prices from rising and whether to privatize the wine and liquor wholesale system.

McIlhinney says he favors allowing Pennsylvania’s 12,000 private beer licensees to sell beer in a wider variety of quantities, plus wine and liquor.

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