Trumbull Company Forced to Reinvent Itself


A Trumbull County company that  was forced by the government to stop making roll your own cigarette machines is now re-inventing itself.

RYO Machine, LLC on Route 422 in McKinley Heights manufactured a machine that allowed customers to add tobacco and empty tubes to a machine and produce 200 cigarettes in 10 minutes. Because of an amendment on the transportation bill last year, all of the machine owners were forced to halt all production and obtain a manufacturer’s license, therefore putting everyone out of business.

The company has developed a new machine called the Phoenix Fastfill. It’s a smaller version of the old machine, but is specifically designed for non-tobacco products such as teas and herbs.

RYO once employed 45 workers and now only has three. They hope by launching the Phoenix Fastfill, they will rebuild their business and their workforce.

“So we decided to try and develop a new machine that would process these botanicals and possibly market the machines to a little different clientele,  such as convienent store owners and such on a smaller scale,” said Phil Accordino, president of RYO Machine.

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