College Hosts Open House

National College Open House

National College in Liberty opened its doors to the public on Wednesday.

The school held an open house at its Belmont Avenue location.

Currently, 165 students are enrolled in National College’s various programs, which include the medical, business and technology fields.

“Many folks will find they need some type of education to get back in that’s driving a competitive edge over you, over another candidate,” said Campus Director Michael Boyle. “We are seeing a lot of that.”

School officials said the resurgence in the local economy is spurring some interest in their classes.

“Especially in the management, in the business side of things,” said Boyle. “There’s a good opportunity if you want to get into some of the accounting and management, entry level department managers.”

The school offers five 10-week terms throughout the year. The next term begins July 8.

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