Man turns old tires into planters


A Youngstown man who has been out of work and couldn’t find a job has created his own small business that is also helping clean up the community.

Sean McCord collects old tires from area businesses and turns them into colorful flower pots. He has set up shop along South Meridian Road.

McCord can customize the creations in any color or design with each one taking less than 10 minutes to make.

McCord said he’s found a product that’s in demand, but he could use more supply.

“I do about maybe 50 tires a week, but that’s all I got because I don’t have no more than that,” said McCord. “I’m hoping the City of Youngstown will let me come down and get some of the tires they got down there because they got to pay to get rid of them because all of my work sells.”

Each flower pot costs $20, and every part of the tire is recycled into the new product.

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