Man fights off robber


A 21-year-old man fought off a man who tried to rob him at gunpoint early Monday, reports said.

Reports said a Front Street S.W. man told police he wrestled a gun that was put to his head away from a man wearing a red bandanna at about 3 a.m. Monday while he was walking on Front Street, near Tod Avenue S.W.

The man told police a man wearing a red bandanna rode his bike up to him as he walked from a gas station at Tod and Market Street. The man, he said, put a black handgun to his head and demanded “everything he had,” reports said.

The gunman reached into the man’s pockets, he said. The Front Street man told police he grabbed the man’s gun and fought. The man suffered a cut on his hand and may have struck the gunman in the face.

The man successfully took the gun away and the other man fled. The Front Street man told police he tried to unload the gun but fired a round and loaded another into the chamber. He then threw the gun over a nearby fence and ran.

The  gunman, reports said, jumped over the fence and retrieved the gun and fled.

Officers found the shot bullet.

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