Electronics recycling offered in Western Pa.


A new program in western Pennsylvania is helping residents to properly dispose of their electronics.

Because of a new Pennsylvania law, the Lawrence-Mercer Recycling and Solid Waste Department is now offering free electronics recycling.  The drop-off at Avalon Springs Nursing Center in Mercer on Wednesday was the second event of the new program. A similar collection was held last week in New Castle.

Residents could turn in televisions, computer monitors, computer towers, computer scanners and cell phones for free. Other small electronics, such as VCRs, DVD players, CD players, radios, sweepers and microwaves cost $1 to turn in.  The program director said it’s important to get rid of old and broken electronics properly.

“Electronic material, as common as they are, they have a lot of toxic materials in them.  TV and computer monitors in particular have a lot of leaded glass.  According to the EPA, on average there’s 4 to 8 pounds of lead in every TV and computer monitor,” said Lawrence-Mercer Recycling and Solid Waste Director Jerry Zona.

The next scheduled electronics recycling day is in August.

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