Local dems react to Ohio budget

Ohio Budget Reaction

Democrats in the Ohio General Assembly continue to vent over the state’s new biennium budget which was approved Thursday in Columbus.

Members of the Ohio House and Senate voted to approve the $62 billion spending plan, which supporters claim cuts personal income and small business taxes, while adding some new restrictions on abortions.

Lawmakers Rep. Nick Barborak, D-Lisbon, and Rep. Sean O’Brien, D-Hubbard, said they are concerned the budget will put more of a strain on already struggling local municipal governments.

“The reality is, our communities are having a difficult time providing essential services, “ said Rep. Nick Barborak. “You know, police, fire, infrastructural investments, our schools. All of those things that make our community strong and safe.”

“We have a rainy day fund with over $1 billion in it. We have an opportunity to help Ohioans, that’s what the budget process is, that’s what we are here for, and that’s what we’re supposed to do,” said Obrien.

Local officials said they are still holding out hope lawmakers will be able to make some changes to the budget when they head back to Columbus after the holiday recess.

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