Summerfest draws budding artists

Warren Summerfest

Kids in Warren got a chance to show off their hard work during Summerfest 2013 with art workshops and a parade on Courthouse Square.

Children and their families marched around downtown Warren on Friday with artwork in hand, and Warren Harding High School students completed several art installations on display downtown.

This year, the artwork was modeled after famous Harding grad Kenneth Patchen. He graduated with honors in 1929.

After living for a while in the Village in New York City, he and his wife moved to Palo Alto, Calif., where he died in 1972. He had more than 50 books published and translated into many languages.

“We expose the youngsters to art, to its creation, to its appreciation,” said Summerfest Director Jacki Mountan. “They get hands on experience. During our Summerfest programs, we give them a mini art lesson about our inspiring artist.”

Chalk on the Walk was held after the parade, adding more color to downtown.

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