Carmine Cassese, owner of MVR dies

Carmine Cassese, owner of MVR and retired Youngstown State University equipment manager lost his battle with pancreatic cancer Friday. He was 57.

A well-known Youngstown businessman and member of the Youngstown State University community passed away Friday night.

Carmine Cassese, 57, lost his battle with pancreatic cancer.

For many years, Cassese was the head equipment manager for Youngstown State University Athletics, a post he began in the early 1980’s. He retired from that position in February of 2012. Cassese and his family run the MVR in Youngstown’s Smoky Hollow neighborhood, a business that’s been in the city since 1927. He was a Ohio State University graduate and one of the biggest Y.S.U. Penguin fans around. The MVR is known for its great food, sports memorabilia highlighting both Ohio State and Y.S.U., and some of the best bocce courts in the area.

After Cassese was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, his friends and family helped start a fundraising effort behind the name “Carmstrong” to raise money for pancreatic cancer research.


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