Crews search for buried time capsule

Time capsule search

As crews move dirt on the grounds of the old Niles McKinley High School, the search resumed Monday for a missing time capsule.

About a dozen members of the Tri-County Metal Detecting Club were back out looking for the time capsule. Since a layer of dirt was removed, officials had hoped the metal detectors could search a little deeper.

“Our detectors will go a foot, a foot and a half down for a large target,” said Jesse James, president of the Tri-County Metal Detecting Club. “If it was buried three feet down, we might be able to find it now that the top layer is taken off.”

The capsule was buried almost 50 years ago. Students of the 1964 senior class believe they buried the capsule somewhere near the statue of William McKinley. Unfortunately, Monday’s search netted no new results.

“This is our fourth time we tried to find it. The first time was back in 2000, and it was a couple of people that came down here with metal detectors,” said Joseph Rossi of Niles. “We couldn’t find it, but now we got a lot more people out here. The mystery continues, I guess. It will probably end up being a mystery the rest of our lives.”

Construction crews will continue to keep an eye out for the time capsule as work at the site of the old school continues.

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