Man fends off intruder


A Warren man told police he fought off someone who broke into his home late Monday and threatened him with a gun.

The man told police that at about 10 p.m. Monday at their home in the 1500 block of Parkman Road N.W., while he, his girlfriend and her daughter were sleeping, someone knocked on his door and asked for the woman’s son. The woman told police the man lives next door.

Shortly after, the man told police he saw a shadow pass by his bedroom door. He got out of bed and saw someone wearing a black hooded sweatshirt in his hallway, who ordered the man to “get down” and pointed a gun at him, reports said.

The man told police he wrestled with the person, with both flying landing on a love seat in the living room. The two men fought, and the intruder punched the man several times in the face.

The man, however, wrestled the gun from the intruder and tried to shoot him but the gun failed to fire. The intruder fled.

The man later discovered the gun was a pellet gun.

Nothing was stolen from the home and officers were unable to find the intruder.

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