JEDD could develop from racino project

Austintown JEDD

A former Austintown trustee is throwing his support behind a proposal from the mayor of Youngstown to provide water for the Penn National racino in the township.

Youngstown Mayor Chuck Sammarone sent a letter to current trustees asking them to consider creating a Joint Economic Development District around the spot where the horse-racing track and slot-machine facility is being built.

The measure would include providing water service to the project in exchange for sharing tax revenues. Mahoning County Commissioner and former Austintown Trustee David Ditzler said a JEDD would provide a great opportunity for both the city and the township.

“That’s the whole intent of what JEDD’s were created for. They were for new business, new opportunity to generate new revenue and take the burden off the backs of the family, off of the homeowner within the communities,” said Ditzler. “It’s a win-win for Youngstown and Austintown to create a JEDD and make sure that we are able to take the burden off the taxpayers and the homeowner, so I absolutely believe we should move forward on that.”

City officials said a final decision could take a number of weeks.

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