Woman injured on carnival ride

Newton Falls

A 29-year-old woman suffered injuries from a carnival ride Wednesday in Newton Falls.

Police said the woman, Laura Neiheisel, was riding on the Roc-n-Roll ride on Wednesday night when she suffered the injuries. Reports say officers were initially called to the area because someone believed the woman was thrown from the ride.

Police noted Neiheisel was crying and surrounded by her friends when they arrived. The officer said he was told Neiheisel was tossed around in the ride’s basket and had been thrown from the ride.

The report goes on to state, “However, later it was confirmed by witnesses that she had never been thrown from the basket, but more so just thrown around by the ride’s momentum.”

Neiheisel complained of back pain and the report said the victim could have possible internal injuries.

Police said the ride’s operator is Premium Shows of America of Masury.

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