W. Pa. police officer leaves gun on top of car

MONROEVILLE, Pa. (AP) — A western Pennsylvania police officer lost his handgun and stun gun after leaving them on top of his car and driving off.

Monroeville police Chief Steven Pascarella says the unnamed officer was changing clothes in the station parking lot after his Saturday night shift. The officer set his belt on top of the pickup and then forgot it when he drove off. Monroeville is about 15 miles east of Pittsburgh.

Pascarella says the belt contained a loaded Smith & Wesson .45-caliber gun, a stun gun, flashlight, radio and two magazines of ammunition holding 10 bullets each.

The belt and some of the items were found Sunday morning in downtown Pittsburgh but the guns are still missing.

Pascarella says the officer could be disciplined and authorities are searching for the weapons.

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