Air study results to be revealed

Columbiana County

A public meeting will be held in East Liverpool to reveal findings of a health study concerning airborne manganese exposure.

According to a news release, the study was conducted for the U.S. EPA by  San Francisco State University scientist Dr. Rosemarie Bowler. Bowler will present her findings July 11 at 7 p.m, Kent State University, Slak Shak Meeting Room, 400 4th Street, East Liverpool.

Representatives from the EPA, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry and the Ohio Department of Health will also be present.

According to the Centers for Disease control, manganese is a normal constituent of air, soil, water, and food. Additional manganese can be found in air, soil, and water after release from the manufacture, use, and disposal of manganese based products.

The manganese found in air can occur from industries using or manufacturing products containing manganese, mining activities and automobile exhaust.

Large amounts of inhaled manganese can cause lung infections, pneumonia, and nervous system disorders, according to the CDC.

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