Report: Man may have urinated in street

Two students in Campbell, Ohio were charged with smoking pot on a bus

A Hubbard woman awoke Friday and saw a waste pickup employee urinating in the middle of the street, reports said.

The Doris Drive resident told police she looked out the window at 6:45 a.m. and saw a Republic Services-Allied Waste employee urinating in the middle of the road.

The woman told police the man pushed her garbage can out to the garbage truck to block himself from view. She said the man then appeared to unzip his pants and urinate on the street.

Reports said the man never exposed himself to the woman and the woman never actually witnessed the man urinating. However, she said in an email that she did witness the incident and took photos of it.

Messages left at Republic Services-Allied Waste were not immediately returned.

Reports said officers notified the supervisor on duty, who said he would check who was on the route and question them.

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