Mooney air quality safe

Cardinal Mooney

Cardinal Mooney officials on Thursday said the air quality in the high school building that contains asbestos has been deemed safe.

Dr. Nicholas Wolsonovich, the diocese superintendent, said in a statement that the EA Group of Cleveland tested the air quality in the school and found it was much better than minimum federal guidelines for safety.

The school’s safety was questioned by some after Youngstown Catholic Diocese Bishop George Murry announced he would reconsider keeping Cardinal Mooney in the city because of extra costs involved with demolishing the current high school that contains asbestos.

Murry originally decided to keep the school in the city and renovate the building, but later rescinded that decision because officials worried about asbestos remediation costs.

A final decision on whether to move Mooney to the suburbs or keep it inside the city is expected at the end of the month.

A study had recommended the move as a way to boost enrollment.

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