Archaeologists go back to historic Pa. cave

PITTSBURGH (AP) — A team of archaeologists is doing a new dig at a historic Pennsylvania cave dwelling to assess damage from recent heavy rains.

The Meadowcroft Rockshelter is about 35 miles southwest of Pittsburgh, near the Ohio border. In 1973 archaeologist Jim Adovasio set off a furious scientific debate by uncovering evidence that humans had inhabited the area 16,000 years ago — thousands of years earlier than previous estimates at the time.

Adovasio and a team from Mercyhurst University in Erie arrived at the site Wednesday and expect to re-excavate a storm-damaged section of the National Historic Landmark for at least two weeks. Heavy rains on July 19 caused the damage.

Adovasio says the team will use the latest recovery techniques to add to the historical understanding of the site.

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