Former Pa. state Sen. Fumo released from prison

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Former Democratic state Sen. Vincent Fumo is back in Philadelphia after serving four years in prison for fraud.

The 70-year-old Fumo checked in at a half-way house Tuesday and returned with his fiancee to his mansion in the city’s Spring Garden section around 9:15 p.m. He had been incarcerated in Kentucky since his 2009 conviction for stealing $4.2 million from the state, a museum and a neighborhood improvement group.

Fumo’s home was decorated with yellow ribbons and happy-face balloons.

Fumo is slated to work for his defense lawyer, Dennis Cogan, for his work-release job, although he can no longer practice law.

His legal troubles aren’t over, though. The IRS is seeking millions, and federal prosecutors want him to pay another $800,000 in restitution, above the $3.5 million he’s already paid.

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