Last year for Canfield Fair montage pics


A montage of candid pictures of Canfield Fair goers from last year will go on sale, and new pictures are set to be taken for this year’s event.

Pictures of over 4,000 fair goers have been made into a montage depicting a vintage tractor. The picture has been made into post cards, posters and prints to be sold at the Fine Arts Building during the 2013 Canfield Fair.

Suzanne Gray with the Fine Arts Department said the image is dedicated to local farmers who “make the Canfield Fair one of the longest running and most revered county fairs in the country.”

The picture-taking has been a tradition at the Canfield Fair for about five years but this is the last year fair goers will be photographed for the project. That montage will be available at the 2014 Canfield Fair. Gray is working on a new theme and idea for future fair projects.

All proceeds from the sale of the artwork benefit the Fine Arts Department.

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