GE adding jobs at Ohio, Illinois plants

GE Workers in Warren Reject Contract

After closing a General Electric plant in Warren in April, the company said it will add more than 150 jobs at three factories in Illinois and Ohio.

GE officials said there is an increased demand for alternatives to traditional incandescent light bulbs, and part of the expansion involves a new deal with Walmart.

The company said in a news release Thursday that it will add 70 jobs in Bucyrus, Ohio, east of Mansfield, and 50 in Circleville, Ohio, south of Columbus. GE will add another 30 jobs at a Mattoon, Ill., plant that makes halogen bulb components.

GE said it has reached an agreement with Walmart to stock bulbs from the three plants. Extra production will begin next year.

The company said demand for the bulbs has been unexpectedly high as incandescent bulbs are phased out through federally mandated energy-efficiency requirements.

The Warren plant could close as early as January after union workers failed to ratify an agreement.

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