People drive to view dahlias

Every year, people from Columbus, Cleveland and Pittsburgh travel to show off their dahlia plants in a competition at Fellows Riverside Garden.

The tenth Annual Dahlia Show kicked off Saturday at Fellows Riverside Garden in Youngstown.

The two-day show was planned by the Mahoning Valley Dahlia Society. Each year, people from as far away as Columbus, Cleveland and Pittsburgh bring in their blooms for the competition.

The Dahlia Society paid out cash prizes for the best dahlias.

This year, there are about over 600 flowers on display.

“They are all dahlias, but they all look different. So, I think that’s the thing that draws people and their vibrant colors, I guess,” said Harriet Chandler, chairman of the Dahlia Show.

The show will wrap up on Sunday.

The Dahlia Society will give some of the beautiful blooms away and take some to area nursing homes for residents to enjoy.

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