Pa. rep wins open records fight with state police

UNIONTOWN, Pa. (AP) — The state’s Office of Open Records says a lawmaker has a right to know how many state troopers are assigned to a busy barracks in his southwestern Pennsylvania district.

As such, the state police must now disclose how many troopers are assigned to their Lemont Furnace barracks, near Uniontown.

Democrat state Rep. Tim Mahoney filed the request after police refused to release the information, saying criminals or others could use it to plan crimes. The police partly complied with Mahoney’s request last month by acknowledging 16 vacancies at the barracks — but refused to say how many troopers still work there.

But the open records office says the staffing number should be public because Mahoney didn’t ask for information about scheduling or how many troopers work each shift.

The state police may still appeal.

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