Tax hike draws ire

Mahoning County Commissioners

Mahoning County Commissioners said they are unhappy with the state’s soon-to-be-increasing sales tax.

The state’s portion of the sales tax will be bumped up 1/4 of a percent, or $0.25 for every $100 in goods and services on Sunday.

That means the amount local counties can collect will come on top of the 5.75 percent the state will be bringing in.

Lawmakers said the sales tax hike will allow the state to cut income taxes across the board. One commissioner, however, said she doesn’t see the benefit.

“So how does that help local government is what I’d like to ask him,” said commissioner Carol Rimedio Righetti. “The money that they’re going to have in surplus, I understand, is $5 billion. What is that going to do for us?”

Righetti said the higher overall sales tax amount will make it more difficult for counties like Mahoning to pass their own levies to pay for local services.

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