Suit filed after Pa. murder convictions overturned

UNIONTOWN, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania man who spent nearly 25 years in prison before his double murder conviction was overturned has filed suit in federal court alleging violations of his constitutional right to a fair trial.

The lawsuit by 61-year-old David Munchinski names three former prosecutors, two of whom are now judges, as well as the estate of a former state trooper.

Munchinski was convicted in Fayette County in 1986 in the December 1977 shooting deaths of Raymond Gierke and James Peter Alford at a cabin in Bear Rocks.

A federal appeals court upheld dismissal of the charges, calling the convictions “badly tainted and highly suspect.”

Munchinski’s attorney, Noah Geary, said he hoped for a settlement with the state, but if not “it would be up to a federal jury.”

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