Mom who left kids in court


A 23-year-old Youngstown mother pleaded not guilty at her arraignment Friday on charges that she left her 1- and 3-year-old daughters alone at her home Wednesday while filling out a Pizza Hut job application.

Reba Solderson, 23, of Weston Avenue, entered the plea in Youngstown Municipal Court on three first-degree misdemeanor child endangering charges that carry up to 180 days in jail on each count.

Bond was set at $4,500.

Reports say the 3-year-old girl followed her 8-year-old sister on to her school bus after the mother left and was found by school security officers at Paul C. Bunn Elementary School.

Reports say Soldresson told police she left the three kids while she submitted an application at a nearby Pizza Hut and “thought leaving the kids home alone for 10 minutes would be fine.”

She told police when she left the 3 year old was in the living room and the 1 year old was sleeping upstairs.

The children’s maternal grandparents watched the children until their father returned home from work, reports say.

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