Pa. Rep. says he tried to help gambling ‘victim’

GLASSPORT, Pa. (AP) — A western Pennsylvania state representative overheard on a wiretap telling the suspected ringleader of an illegal gambling operation that he would conceal a complaint about the man’s video poker machines has issued a statement.

Monday’s statement from Rep. Marc Gergely says he got a got a letter from a woman who claimed to be a constituent last year, complaining her husband had gambled all their money away.

Gergely says he tried to refer the woman to Gamblers Anonymous and to state troopers who investigate gambling complaints, but his staff couldn’t reach her as she didn’t have voice mail. It turns out the woman was an undercover state investigator.

Gergely, who has not been criminally charged, was heard on the wiretap telling the target of the gambling investigation about the complaint and promising not to refer it to authorities.

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